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Terms of Service

- When renting equipment you are required to leave a deposit before leasing equipment. There are 3 options to choose from. 1. Leave an open check 2. An authorization on a credit card  3. Leave 2 & 1/2 times the rental in cash. 

- Before leaving or loading equipment you are required to sign a contract that states that you agree with our Condition of Contract for the rental. 

- The rates are based upon time the equipment leaves and returns to the rental yard. Each equipment has a different minimum rental time that can range from 2 hours to a full day. A half day rental is 4 hours from the time the equipment leaves the yard. (Must be returned by the 4 hour period or there will be an additional charge.) A full day is a 24 hour period. (The machine must have only 8 hours or less on the hour meter for a 1 day rental. Anything more will be charged for time used.)

-Anything rented overnight is a minimum of a half day rental.

-Rentals rented on Saturday, if returned before 8 AM on Monday morning, will be charged at a 1 day rental price with 8 hrs or LESS on the machine. 

- Even if equipment is not used, the time period it is checked out will be charged no matter how many hours are on the machine.

- A cleaning fee will be assessed when equipment isn't brought back reasonably clean. Reasonable clean means just that, caked with dirt or mud is not reasonably clean. Fee's differ on the size of equipment. 

- $7 a gallon Fuel Charges will be charged if equipment is not returned full. 

- Due to insurance purposes, all 10,000 LBS or more trailers must leave the yard on a 3/4 ton truck or bigger!

- Trailers are not rented out of state

- If the contract is not closed upon return of the equipment you will continue to be charged until contract is closed and signed by owner or employee of account stating it has been returned.

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