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Carpet & Floor Tools

Vibratory Sander & Palm Sander

Variety of Sand Paper Grits 

20, 36, 60, 80, 100, 100 screens, 120 screens

*sand paper not sold for palm sander*

Tile Install & Removal

Tile saw - cuts up to 24" 

Rail saw 

20lb rotohammer with tile bit

35lb jack hammer on Makinex cart with tile bit

Linoleum Roller

Carpet Tools

Carpet Stretcher

Knee Kicker

Carpet Iron & Cutter

Carpet Fan

Nail Gun

Floor Buffer/ Polisher/ Scrubber

Variety of pads for differnt uses

Floor Stripper

Used to remove linoleum, glued floor, carpeting, underpadding & vinyl tiles

Sand Paper, Blades & Pads for Sale

Sand paper      20-120 grit

Buffer pads       red, gold, white, black, green

Stripper Blades

Concrete Diamond Bits

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